Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review of Thackery's Journal

Review of John Holt’s
The Thackery Journal

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Bones and blood humans are the ones that fight wars. The journal is written by one who is convinced that his reasons for fighting a war pitting families, friends and relatives against each other are noble. His future is set because of those convictions; and you read his journey through Mr. Holt’s straight forward account.

This account leads to a show down between two childhood friends whose parting words prior to the American Civil War were not amicable. Through Thackery’s journal, we feel the pain of a young man following orders of his superiors.

These orders put him in a predicament that is in conflict with his core belief system and a face to face deadly situation with his friend who is fighting for the opposition, the Union Army. You’ll be surprised with the way that adventure is concluded.

Mr. Holt writes a genuine tale of human conflict. Through his prose you feel the historical dilemma that this war produced, which carried on many years after the guns and uniforms were put away for good. That being, where do you draw the line when deciding what is worth fighting for to the death.

John Holt’s story is worth the read if one cares for the feelings of other humans. 

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed it Roy. Can you put it onto Amazon for me. Much appreciated

  2. A great review of a very well written book. A review that I hope will encourage readers to find out for themselves about the story of two good friends and the war that seperated them.


  3. Thanks Babs - As you know the past few weeks have not been the greatest for me, but your friendship, and support means so much to me

  4. You can read the first three chapters on WATTPAD

  5. This looks like a very interesting book! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you Cindy - and thank you for purchasing the book. I hope that you like it

  6. I have just donated a copy of the book to the library on board the aircraft carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln