Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review of Crossroads

Review of Mary Ting’s

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

What would you give up for your soul? Love?  Ms. Ting weaves a young adult romance story where the heart and soul come into question in the main character’s life. Turning eighteen, in its self, is a moving event for a young lady.  

Claudia, our protagonist, after a traumatic occurrence, finds herself in another reality or in a dream. In this emotional limbo, she is confronted with answers to her questions that are in conflict with her understanding of reality.

Some of those questions are answered, but will love win over reality. The young have no fears when it comes to love, but reality always seems to set in at some point of time.

Ms. Ting has written an interesting adventure into the unknown, leaving the reader with enjoyable contentment and wondering what will come next in the series. You will want to read on and that means getting the next book in the series.

Well written, as always, Ms. Ting understands a young adult’s demeanor and puts it on the page. It was a little difficult for me at age 65 to understand at first, but I can see how a young lady will enjoy reading this somewhat mystical and dream like novel.

It’s a fine Christmas or anytime gift for the young women in your life. She will learn from the main character’s questions and the answers that are given to her by her Guiding Angel.  It’s leave one thinking.

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