Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review of Souvenir

A Collection of Short Fiction
By Mary O Paddock

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Souvenir is the first in Ms. Paddock’s short collection of stories and poems, which deals with a pregnant woman’s day that seems to have reoccurring and insightful events. FUM, the last in the collection, has reoccurring events, which are more psychologically upsetting than the first.

The stories that are told in between by Mary also leave you thinking, which is one of my past times. Each has its uniqueness, not necessarily with a beginning or an ending, but leaves you to your imagination, a pleasant way to end a reading. This I find to be the heart of a good writer of stories.

I particularly liked the story “Wrong number.” I have heard similar versions, but Ms. Paddock’s take on it I found amusing. And, she starts it off with a quote from Sigmund Freud. Need I say more?

Mary Paddock’s stories are all well thought out and have a point to make. I won’t be presumptuous and state my thoughts, because they are many and would confuse a reader.

There are fourteen shorts and a hundred thoughts that will arrive into your brain when you read this collection. I stopped reading a number of times and pondered. I believe a woman would understand more because of the liked circumstances entwined.

Souvenir is something to think about when looking  for thoughtful and pleasant reads.

Her website that can point you toward the various sources and is a great place to find updates as well as ways to get in touch with her: http://maryopaddock.com/

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