Monday, February 3, 2014

Review of Deadly Attraction

Review of Neil Low’s

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

When it comes to a good moving detective story, I look for a fast moving adventure into the lives of the ones doing the detecting and the mysteries they are trying to unravel. Neil Low makes that endeavor entertaining, expounding on all the emotions.

His story is simple: women found dead and someone did it but whom? This is where the fun begins. The fun is not the violent act but in this case - the attractions. It’s in the DEADLY ATTRACTION of a man against women and the attractions of the two detectives unraveling the details of why the woman is dead.

Because of the woman’s attraction to a man with a questionable background, she meets her maker at an early age. Mr. Low’s Vera and Alan detective couple’s attraction to each other becomes a deadly factor towards the thrilling end of this whodunit.

Seattle is Mr. Low’s home where he works as a police officer and is the reason for that city being the background of the novel. I’ve found that’s good to write about what you know. He knows Seattle, and from what I read in his books he is an excellent detective.

Using simple prose, Neil has his characters Vera and Alan giving each other humorous, loving jabs. With the help of police detective Ben, they go about solving two cases that clash at the end into one, on a tugboat no doubt.

If you like a good moving fun-filled thriller, DEADLY ATTRACTION should be in your Book to read list.    


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