Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Review of Wendy Cartmell’s

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Ms. Carmell’s writing kept me involved with the events of the first in her series: A Sgt. Major Crane novel. It would seem to some that the novel was a military war story, but it isn’t.  

This novel is an after the war entanglement where a military police detective, Crane, has to unravel a deadly problem - the physiological effects of soldiers returning from war in a state of vulnerability. ‘Not a whodunit, but a why did they do it,’ is the premise of Crane’s investigation.

When one soldier murders in an unorthodox way, Crane wants to follow after the why, but his Commanding Officer delays the investigation. It happens again and then another time at other military posts. Crane is now given the go ahead to find out the reason why a veteran could do what he did to another family member.

This is a detective story with a military background and red tape influences of both the military and civilian authorizes. Sgt. Major Crane, a hard nose senior investigator, wants to get the religious manipulator who he thinks provoked the crimes against veterans; and dam the rules that are slowing up his investigation. His mindset, not others, rules the day in the end at a high cost.

Ms. Cartwell’s novel is a plausible contemporary murder entanglement that detective lovers will enjoy. Her characters come across as humans not super intelligent spoofs. They have lives interwoven into the story that military police officers have to contend with. This novel has a thrilling ending to boot.

Wendy’s interview is below: http://bit.ly/1bFrynH


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