Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review of HOPE


Written by Robert K. Swisher Jr.

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry.

Becoming 66 years old the other day, I started reading HOPE. It reached me on many levels. The story had me in laughter, tears, and at many times in thought.

There is a universal fiber that runs through us humans, Christians call him God, which leads us to belief which in turns leads to hope – my take.

Mr. Swisher’s novella HOPE’s characters are aging towards the end of life in a home. Only one, who has not reached this elderly age, has hope and believes he can fly. Will his belief turn into hope for the others?

‘What if we can believe – fly, have hope?’ is gently interwoven into this story. Little by little the residences move from doubt to ‘What if’ to belief. All, but one character, in their own way become convinced and begin to hope, leading to revelations and an escape from their mundane lives.

This is a novella that will lead you to think about your own mortality. Hopefully it will get you thinking about how we treat our elderly humans.

Mr. Swisher’s writing is mature as is his character and story development. The story has no unused words always getting to the point.
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