Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review of Beyond Death

Beyond Death
Written by Deb McEwan

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Many people believe in the hereafter where you have angles and spirits in limbo, waiting for directions to their final resting place. Ms. McEwan has written a family orientated story around that theme, which has a number of plots.

Three people die. One is malcontent (Ken); another makes a mistake in judgment (Ron); and a young women dies on the night of her engagement (Claire.) However, Claire was not supposed to die. She did because of Ron’s selfishness.

The crux of the story-line is that they are in a place waiting for a decision to where they will rest in peace. In their waiting, they are allowed to visit family, friends, and enemies on earth to sort things out.

Those are the subplots that are sometimes romantic, funny, weird, and helpful to the people they left behind to go to a place BEYOND DEATH.  The spirits interface with the living will please the reader to the END.

Ms. Deb McEwan has written an enjoyable read that is slow at times but does keep you reading on. It gently brings you into a happy place. It’s a good read.

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