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Kiss the Girls, Book vs Movie

Kiss the Girls, Book vs. Movie

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

James Paterson’s novel Kiss the Girls and the movie with Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are both compelling portraits of suspense. The second in Paterson’s Alex Cross novel was published in 1975 and came alive as a DVD movie in 2013. I watched, again, on TV.

Judd’s character Kate is abducted in the second scene, and because of her fortitude and abilities, she fights her jailer, who calls himself Casanova and dramatically gets away from his clutches. Alex Cross, whose niece is in Casanova’s prison, meets Kate in her hospital bed.

Cross, a police detective, and psychologist is in town looking for his niece who was also abducted. All those abducted are accomplished women. Alex and Kate join together to bring the girls home. How they attempt to do this is a fantastic, thrilling episode of a movie.

The movie, however, cannot compare with the Patterson’s novel. The movie was well directed, the scenes well-coordinated by director Gary Felder, and the acting was overwhelming. I love the written word. What can I say? I am a writer and prejudice.

Make your own decision:  Book: 

It Could Happen To You (Film)

It Could Happen To You (Film)

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

If you’re a romantic, this movie is for you. I saw it for the third time today on what we call Netflix in the USA. I give in; I’m a romantic.

A young Nicolas Cage plays a NYC police officer named Charlie. Bridget Fonda, of that famous family, plays Yvonne a waitress.

Charlie and his police partner are in a hurry, after ordering coffee in a small diner in Queens, where Yvonne is his waitress. He can pay the two dollars owed for the drinks, but doesn’t have tip money.

He makes a deal with her. He will come back tomorrow double the tip or give her half of his lottery winnings. She smiles and says that it was okay, because I most likely will not see you again.

The obvious happens, maybe for me I saw the movie three times, and Charlie and his wife win the lotto for four million dollars. This is where the movie really begins.

Greed and generosity collides; love and hatred seep in; and legalities bring about human conflicts. Will the righteous overcome? Not all the time.

Charlie and Yvonne are pushed into love and the legal limits by Charlie’s greedy wife Muriel, who wins her case in court, getting the four million lotto money for herself. But greed pays its price.

You’ll have to get the movie to learn what happens. Make certain you have Kleenex available.

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Our conversations at bars always come around to some strange things. How it came to us talking about Gypsies, I don’t know. Do we know what a Gypsies are? A strange wandering thief is one person’s description.

According to, there are over two million in Europe, one million in the United States, and eight hundred thousand in Brazil.  They originated for Romani peoples from India and migrated to Europe. How they migrated is a mystery.

The story goes that King Braham (421 - 39) of India sent the originals out of the country because they abused his generosity.  No population numbers were given, but it would seem that they were in the thousand.

In the United States, they can be found in Virginia and Louisiana where they migrated to in the 1900s. Their tribe structure is based on the Hindu purity laws - A whole other post to be written. 

Like the Jewish population of Europe before and during World War II, Gypsies were a target by German death squads. Approximately 600,000 were killed by these squads.

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Fruits of Faith

Fruits of Faith

Health, wealth, and wisdom are weighed
in our universe of human discourse.

God’s health, wealth, and wisdom
cascades us when we Believe.

Our health, wealth, and wisdom
transcends normalcy in that Faith.

Our convictions ascends us to His
health, wealth, and wisdom.

For He, does not refuse His faithful
health, wealth nor wisdom.

Therefore, have Faith in His
Health, Wealth, and Wisdom.

Roy Murry

If you enjoyed this poem, more are published in 'In the Clouds.' 

From Paris with Love (Film)

From Paris with Love (Film)

Reivew by Author Roy Murry

John Travolta has made over fifty movies of which I’m a fan. Since his stardom in Grease with one of my loves Olivia Newton John, I have seen a number of his movies, watching him mature as an actor.

In this film, he plays Wax, a highly qualified secret agent that is sent to France to investigate and neutralize a terrorist threat. The US Ambassador’s aid, Reese, played by Johnathan Meyers, has been trying to become an operative agent. He is directed by the agency to be Wax’s partner while he is in France.

Reese is having a love affair before Wax arrives and he doesn’t realize how deep of an affair it is. Kasia Smutniak, Caroline, is his fiancĂ©e and more. She is a sleeper agent for the other side.

Wax and Reese bond in an unusual way by following a murderous trail to the people who seem to be the center of terrorist plot. It’s an action packed route, where Wax shows Reese the techniques to survive as an agent, many of which are of the philosophy – KILL OR BE KILLED, no matter who the person is.

Reese has a good teacher and in the end it is not Wax who saves the day. It’s Reese who has to make the right decision which everyone would loath to make. This ending is a nail bitter.

This fast pace movie goes from one killing field to another. However, it was well choreographed so that the action not the blood was the scene.

The actors did an excellent job. I recommend it.

VAMPIRES, are they real?

VAMPIRES, are they real?

By Author Roy Murry

I do not believe in Vampires. However, I am reading my second novel which uses them as an important part of the plot. Breathless by Scott Prussing is that novel. I will have a review in one or two days.

A mystic around Vampires started when that undead shell of a human was introduced in the 1800s.  Sophisticated superstition propelled them into the limelight when John Polidori, an English author, wrote The Vampyre in 1819, the first published modern work of its kind.

I must say that what I have read about them has been convincing. The genre has been fortified over the years by professional sources, as they call themselves.
If you are into that genre, my review comes out in two days. It is Some Interesting Stuff.

Get Breathless free on Kindle:

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Google It?

Google It?

Written by Author Roy Murry

I’ll preface this with the fact that I’m 66 years old.

We come to the 21st Century. I remember when we decided an argument like – who kick the 1955 field goal to win X American Football game? - By asking someone in the know. If that person wasn’t available, we’d find a World Almanac. My last one purchased is the 2010.

In the local pub, club, living room with friends or any place people meet, discussions can get heated over a question like – who won the MVP in any sport in X year.  One person would say one name and another would disagree.

Who has the right answer? And we would ask another person or if it was available, consult The World Almanac.

Yesterday, I was in a bar and the question arose – who portrayed the brother of Maureen O’Hara in the movie The Quiet Man, an Irish tale of love and a family dispute over a dowry. One said Ward Bond and another person said Victor McLaglen.

Words were had. An argument pursed and bets were made.

“Google It!” was the cry. And the answer was googled…   

Review of The Sound and The Fury

Faulkner’s The Sound and Th Fury

 Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

In William Faulkner’s novel The Sound and The Fury, he uses a new way of understanding of what is happening at a given point of time. It was called ‘Stream of consciousness.’ I learnt the method and applied it to my main character in my novel The Audubon Caper.

Faulkner’s style was so prolific that he won two Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction – A Fable and The Rivers. He was relatively unknown until receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949. It was his The Sound and The Fury I read for my American Literature college course.

This story of a declining Southern aristocrat family is broken down into four distinct sections of time. Each time period has a narrator who dabbles into the history of the family and its black servants. The narrators sometime rabble on, but their rabbling have a point – they are losing power over their society.

From a historical point of view, I found the background information as good as any historical novel I have read. And, I have read many.

I enjoyed the way Faulkner’s writing brought out the sorrow that happened in the South after the loss of the Civil War. It was a decline of an era where land owners ruled over the populous and the slaves made them money from the brutal work they did.

Southerners of America had to change their ways. This is what Faulkner told best in the narrators. They needed to change their ways or lose their aristocratic position.    

The Sound and The Fury:

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Novelist

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Novelist

Written by Author Roy Murry

I was going to write an article about Fitzgerald and his novel The Great Gatsby, but decided to write two separate articles. This is about the man.

Fitzgerald lived what he wrote. He coined the words, “The Jazz Age” in the Great Gatsby and used the term he lived in some of his other novels: Lost Generation, and The Love of the Last Tycoon.

Many of his writings became movies and are part of his legacy. To name a few, they are Gatsby, of course, Tender is the Night, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

He married Zelda Sayer after a long courtship because of Fitzgerald’s lack of funds. They eventually married and became infamous figures of the Jazz Age Society. Zelda’s emotional instability and Fitzgerald’s alcoholism almost destroyed the marriage. They had one child Frances Scott “Scotty” Fitzgerald.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prose prompt one critic to note about Gatsby, “There is no such thing…as a flawless novel. But if there is, this is it." For me it, this was the most enjoyable 187 pages I read in college.

His page on amazon:

Review of The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

Movie Review by Author Roy Murry

Firstly, I feel the movie was too long to get the point across – Greed still exists in the sale of anything albeit in the Stock Market on Wall Street or the TV sales on Info Commercials. I once went that route and was a Commodity Broker, but dropped out for not feeling comfortable in that environment.

The same sales pitches were made in this movie as I had as a broker. Greed was the motivator. Put a picture of the Porsche you want up on your wall and that is your goal. Fuck the guy you’re selling to whether the product is good or not, as long as we make a profit.

Scorsese’s character WOLF of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio takes this theme and magnifies it to the 10th degree. WOLF uses drugs and sex to motivate all the brokers so they will full fill their dreams. It’s all around them in living color and explicit in this movie – buyer beware.

The ending is appropriate, but it comes at 2 hours and 40 minutes into the movie. We get the point – Honesty is the best policy. Greed always loses in the end - fair interpretation

It was fair to good acting by DiCaprio and his supporting cast. It is not one of his best performances.

If you care to purchase:

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Garrison Keillor and the Radio

Garrison Keillor and the Radio

Before the television was in every American home, before we had I-phones, laptops with Netflix, of watched a movie on our I-pads, we had what is called Live Radio Performances. Garrison Keillor’s Live Saturday night program was based on those performances that people sat around a large tubed object called THE RADIO.

To name a few of the 50s popular shows: Green Hornet (Thriller), Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (Song and Comedy), The Adventures of Superman (Crime drama), and Strike It Rich (Game Show). There were many other popular – link below.

Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion and All Things Considered were presented in 1970s. His programs incorporated live variety show with comedy and music for the radio audience of St. Paul Minnesota.

His shows ultimately reached millions in the mid-west of the USA. The show traveled and was tailored performed across America from New York City’s The Town Hall to Los Angeles’ the Greek Theater.

I got to know about him from Public Television where these performances amazed me. I was like watching the radio of the fifties.

What are you watching today?

Ellie Woods

Ellie Woods

Reese Witherspoon’s break through movie was Legally Blond where she plays Ellie Woods, a movie I have watched a number of times. Another of my favorites is the movie Sweet Home Alabama made in 2002.

I did not much care for Legally Blonde 2. There are just some movies that you should not make into a sequel and Legally Blonde was one.

Legally Blonde is about a young woman coming of age in college. Her boyfriend, who is going off to Law School says he needs a Jackie Kennedy not a Marilyn Monroe to get ahead in life and he breaks up with Ellie.

To get her love of her life back, she enrolls in the same Law School to his and everyone’s surprise. She is a logically smart woman with a mission. She reaches a goal of notoriety she or anyone would expect and finds a new love – the law.

I found this romantic comedy funny and well put together. For a fun Saturday afternoon or anytime movie check this out

El Yunque

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

Travel by Author Roy Murry

They say the rain lies mainly on the plain in Spain, but others say that if you want to see beauty and see what much rain produces, go to El Yunque, the rain forest, in the middle of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It’s a shorter trip, you don’t need a passport, and most our Puerto Rican friends speak English.

If you go to this lovely island and stay on the beaches, you will have missed one of the many gorgeous vistas that nature has provided for us to enjoy. It’s a day trip if you are staying in a San Juan hotel. However, it’s better to stay at a close by hotel and stay for two days or more of your trip at one of these establishments:

Then take your day trip to the old city of San Juan and have lunch at the famous restaurant Siglo XX and have Seafood Paella that will tell your friends what the missed. Walk off that meal whether breakfast or lunch by seeing the sights which includes Castillo de San Cristobal built in 1783.

Controversial Walt (1819 -1892)

Controversial Walt (1819 -1892)

Walt Whitman’s poetry collection Leaves of Grass was an innovative group of poems because of its free-flowing verse. He writes about his philosophy of life and humanity.

Unlike, Emily Dickerson, who I wrote about was published a number of times in his life time. His poems conformed to the convention of the time; and he praises nature and the human action in it. He deemed the human mind as worthy of poetic praise.

He does this in his poems: "To Think of Time," "The Sleepers," "I Sing the Body Electric." He was also influenced by Ralph Waldo Emersion.

These poets were the background of American Literature and were required reading when I was in college. For me, they helped me understand the growth of America into a powerful force in World literature.

Coming To America, a #review

Coming To America (Film)

It’s seems everyone I knew in the foreign countries I lived in, wanted to come to America. However, not many but some, come to American to marry another person with the goal of becoming an American citizen.

In this movie there is a different plot, where Eddie Murphy’s character Akeem comes to America to find his bride. He does this not to get a VISA but to find a Queen in Queens’ New York City.

Unbeknown to the lady from Queens, Lisa McDowell (Actress Sheri Headley,) whose father owns McDowell’s, a hamburger joint, that Akeem is a prince who works for her father. She falls in love with him for who he is and he for who she is her. This love affair is cut short.

Akeem’s servant, Semmi played by Arsenio Hall, sends a Western Union message to the King of Zamunda that they are out of money. The king arrives to bring his son back home and finds out about the affair.

The comical ups and downs of this movie will keep your attention. You will hope all will be alright for the love birds. The king wants a break up.

The next to last scene goes like this: King Jaffe remarks that Akeem can't marry Lisa anyway because of "tradition," and tries defending himself by saying "Who am I to change it?" with Queen Aeoleon curtly responding, "I thought you were the King."

You can guess the ending. Murphy and Hall also play the parts of a barber shop three all. 

Can You Buy Love?

Can You Buy Love?

From personal experience, I have tried and it does not work. It did not work because the woman was a gold digger, a person who goes out with someone for their money and I was naively in love. Do not get caught in that situation.

In the young adult romance/comedy movie ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ a young man (Played by Patrick Dempsey) looks from outside into a world he thinks wants to be. He is in love with a young woman (Played by Amanda Peterson) who is in that click which is popular. He wants to be popular.

She has a monetary problem and he resolves it, asking in return her help in making him popular with that click. She does with reservations and gets to know the real young man by dating him, falling for him.

A break up, a fight, and a misunderstanding follow what would be called a good relation. This propels the movie forward to an ending that young people love.

I enjoyed the fun, conflict, and make up. Can’t Buy Me Love is a nice film to watch.

Get at Amazon:



Firstly, here is a personal note. I am apolitical and do not watch news programs other than watching PBS’ Mark Shields and David Brook’s commentary part of Friday’s programming.  

This profound statement ‘Calculus of Opinion’ caught my ear when David Brooks on PBS’ segment Shields and Brooks, used it. These political commentators discuss world affairs. He used this statement referring to the popular conception of the Middle East’s predicament.

They were talking about what people worldwide were thinking about the continued conflict there. Presently, the television media is putting the plus side on that of what they see as the aggressor by watching dead bodies accumulate.

The underlining concept of complete destruction of another society is put on the minus side and even forgotten.  Opinions will be calculated and will make difference in the conclusion, because they have been killing each other for thousands of years.

Bing Cherries

Bing Cherries

This is a fruit that I like. Where my earlier post went – only knows?  I was eating the cherries when I lost the post. I think; and I didn’t save.

Back to Bing Cherries: I eat the Bing Cherries fruit and roll the pit in my mouth while drinking water – over and over. I enjoy this very much. When I consume this fruit, I do it very sparingly because they are expensive.

We get most of our cherries here in Florida from the other fruit state California. Florida grows oranges, which I don’t like much because of the acid content.

When cherries are put in pies or tarts, they use the can processed kind. This is why I don’t like cherry pies or tarts. I have tried many. I love the natural fruit unprocessed with whatever. They are more expensive, but more enjoyable.

However, Bing Cherries Jubilee over vanilla ice cream is my favorite desert.

What is yours?   

Bali Rain

Bali Thanh Lot Temple

In April 2011, I went to visit my son in Singapore where he worked with Credit Swiss learning the Asian trade. We took a side trip for his and my birthday. I wrote this on my return to the USA.

Bali Rain 

Bali rain hits with such clean force on high temples that protects their Gods.

Rain comes down everywhere without discrimination cleaning the nectar of their life.

Streets of motorbikes hide under cover.

Rice paddies refresh in all the private property squares.

Plumerias open drinking water.

Many dogs play in the puddles.

I sit and drink my Arrack with ice, garden poolside, thinking, what a beautiful place Bali Rain made.

If you liked this poem, more are published in 'In the Clouds.'

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Are there Occult's in American?

According to Mitch Horowitz’s book OCCULT AMERICA, the answer is yes. I found his book fascinating and very informative. I can actually say of some of his revelations, “I didn’t know that…”

The beliefs in the Bible (Faith religion,) Ouija (A concept in receiving an answer using a board,) Spiritualism (Belief in spirits,) Theosophia (Divine wisdom,) to the Holy Koran another faith based religion are a number of philosophies Horowitz enlightens us on.

The origin, people, and the development of those beliefs and many others, or as he calls them Occults, are covered in a historical manner. Those groups are not all American based, but flourished here, because of our freedom of speech and religion democratic thinking. Where as in the country of origin, many would have been killed for thinking what they professed in America.

It would be foolish for me to go over every group he outlines in this chuck full of information book. I’ll just mention here what a member of Science of Right Thinking Occult, Ella Wheeler Wilcox is famous for saying, “Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone.”

You can purchase OCCULT AMERICA at as I did.

Ameirican Hustle

American Hustle

Christian Bale, former Batman and American Psycho star, gave a realistic portrayal of a con artist in a thrilling story about the refunding of Atlantic City’s Casinos in New Jersey, USA. Politics and the mob come together reminiscing of a FBI 1970s sting called ABSCAM.  (See Link)

His side-kick barely clothed Amy Adams plays an alluring woman, who sugar coats situations, bringing in a mark. They are forced to team up with Bradley Cooper’s character, an FBI agent to sting politicians and the mobsters after being compromised.

Personal relationships explode to the point you think all the characters are going crazy over the stressful situations their put in. Bale and Adam’s characters overcome their predicament in the end.

Jennifer Lawrence, as Bales crazed love wife, and Jeremy Renner, as the popular people’s mayor of Camden New Jersey, are the supporting cast. Also, Robert De Niro does a cameo as a Mafia Don.

You can purchase Amazon

ABC Islands

ABC Islands visited

In my travels to many parts of the world, I had the pleasure of living and working in Curacao, Netherland Antilles for a few years, giving me the opportunity to enjoy all the ABC Islands. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are located just north west of Caracas, Venezuela.

Each island has its individual attractions; however, all have pleasant hot weather and long white sand beaches to play and rest on. Aruba is known for its night life and casinos; Bonaire for its diving; and Curacao for its shopping.

To enjoy the pleasure of all of the islands, I recommend taking a Windjammer tour and cruise around visiting each over a one week.

If visiting one island is your desire, fly direct to the island of your choice.  

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man

I’m going to talk to you about True Love and what we do when we think we have it, using the 1952 movie The Quiet Man as my backdrop. Most of you have no knowledge of this movie, because you most likely were not alive when it was made. I was four years old.

If you love romance movies, you will love this John Ford directed Irish classic staring John Wayne (Husband,) Maureen O’Hare (Wife,) Barry Fitzgerald (Town Crier,) and Ward Bond (Wife’s brother.) I know these names are all foreign to you?

A love affair turns into a marriage; and of course, there always is a glitch that gets into the relationship that brings about a conflict. It’s a simple movie. The problem here melts down into one thing a dowry due the husband.

In a small Irish town with customs going back centuries, the dowry must be paid to the husband. In this case, the husband doesn’t want it. The wife wants it, not for the money, but for principle.

The comic events that lead to if or when the dowry is paid makes a fine Romance Comedy. I assure you will laugh and cry. A fist fight between the husband and the wife’s brother over the dowry is a town funny event.

Irish culture is embedded into this fine film:

Sweet Molly

Sweet Molly Ringwald, the Jazz Singer

We all know Sweet Molly as the lovable girl in the movies Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. She was what part of what they called the Brat Pack, which was a group of young actors that were in films together in the 80’s.

They included Emilio Estevez, AlleySheedy, Anthony Micheal Hall, and Judd Nelson, who starred with Molly in the movie Breakfast Club, another staple of the TV screen over the last few years.

What you may not know is that she is a Jazz Singer. Released April 9, 2013, was her album Except for Something: I have, and it is enjoyable with Sweet Molly’s voice.

She also has a part in the upcoming Jem: The Movie. Check Molly out at for more info.

Review of How Not to Murder Your Grumpy

How Not To Murder Your Grumpy

Written by Carol E. Wyer

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

According Carol, I’m doing one of the activities her retired grumpy husband should be doing - I’m writing a review of her book. That book is an A to Z catalog of activities.

An activity should keep your elderly husband busy so he won’t be sitting around the house watching you doing household work or drinking your fourth cupa while reading the Mirror or Female First magazines. For non-Englishmen, cupa is a cup of tea.

I don’t have a wife, at the ripe old age of sixty-six, so I don’t think I fall under her definition as a grumpy. If you have read one of my blogs or books, you know that I’m a very active man. This is what she wants her grumpy to be – active and preferably out of the house early.

Ms. Wyer jokingly defines all the activities a person could do under the sun. Her definitions are clearly documented with who is the expert in many of those endeavors. Example: Ex-American National Football League player Roosevelt 'Rosey’ Grier renowned for his (N) needle point acumen. Would your man do this?

I believe that if a man is not active in his early years of marriage, Carol’s grump old man will have a difficulty in changing his ways. In her situations, I am assuming that grumpy man’s wife is a strong woman who can direct her hubby in the right direction to change his ways. If not, he won’t.

The book reads smoothly. It’s a fun almanac of activities with facts and dates to back up her reason for sending grumpy in the direction of each particular endeavor – well done.

Review of The Highlander

The Highlander, The Rise of the Aztecs 

Series Book 1

Author Zoe Saadia

Reviewed by R. Murry

The Highlander is a well thought out historical novel that portrays real people doing what their nation-tribes have done for years.  The main characters are young leaders breaking out into their own predetermined   adventures.

The elders are determined to control their situations in the world.  The young people (Coyotl, Kuini, and Izrac) rebel that world in their own way to change it for others and themselves.

Ms. Saadia brings this out in detailed conversations and confrontations that propels this intriguing developed story forward, keeping the reader’s attention.  The reader will not be bored with historical data. 

The young people are the future and the only names that are important: Coyotle, the emperor’s first born son, wants to change the way things are done – social reform.  Kuini, the great warlord’s son, wants to change breakdown bearers between peoples.  Iztac, the princess, wants to liberate herself and others from their bondage to the way men think.
Zoe Saadia makes their points clear, using well developed conversations.  Although these young people are not Aztecs, they see common ground in others, where the elders don’t.  Especially Kuini, The Highlander, in his confrontations and communal exchanges with the only Aztec – The Aztec Warlord.  To a point, the Aztec influences Kuini’s decisions. Against the Aztec and his father’s wishes, Kuini becomes a warrior in Coyotl’s father’s army – their enemy.
In this end is a new beginning for Coyotl and Kuini, which may include princess Iztac. Fate will determine that end.

Saadia’s novel is an excellent lead in to the next chapter of the lives of these three young leaders.  I for one will continue to read the series, because of the enjoyable read of book #1.  Will you?   

Purchase at:

Review of The Affect of Red

The Affect of Red                                         
By Phil Davis

Reviewed by R. Murry

Love at first sight is a minor theme of this gripping novel.  Yes, the adventure starts with the encounter of two attractive professionals, Camille in a sexy red dress, but there the story takes a turn for the worst.  Robert and Camille meet again and are put in a whirlwind.

Camille is involved in an international project that endeavors to save young women from what they most fear - slavery to man’s deranged sexual needs.  This entanglement produces negative results.

Mr. Davis’ characters are well developed.  He has them intelligently move through highs and lows of a detailed adventure – they are pitted against an evil group of highly motivated gangsters, who care little for human begins, enslaving and killing them for their pleasure and monetary gain.

All doesn’t go well in Robert and Camille Jordan’s journey as lovers, which is told with a tear jerking love – hate fest.  Having a Kleenex box nearby, is a must.  The government is on their side as protectors with lapses in security that leads to some heart breaking blows to all involved.

Phil Davis’ novel will keep you on your toes and have you moving forward with anticipation, leading toward a conclusion that will have you asking – why?

In the end, its Robert and Camille’s daughter, Sophia, who will carry the torch against the same evil that they had fought for twenty years.    To what end, only fate can change the outcome, which I feel is fruitless – evil always prevails in some area of humanity.

Mr. Davis book is one a Romantic will enjoy, waiting for good to win over evil.  He does an excellent job of telling this story, where one may believe that the faithful will be victorious.

It’s a good read that I recommend. 

There are links below Phil Davis:
Both ebooks and paperbacks are available at this site.
My blog: (there are samples here)

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A Novel Obsession

A Novel Obsession

Written by Jeff Joseph

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

We have all been obsessed with something in our lives, but I hope not with a person. In Jeff Joseph’s A Novel Obsession, you will be surprised with who is obsessed with whom.

Abby, the main character, has a crush on Daniel, who is a world renowned romance writer. She sends a fan letter to him inviting him to speak at her school.

The letter was so overwhelming to Daniel that he had to meet her. It conveyed to him the woman, who wrote it, was so insightful into why he wrote what he wrote. He wanted to know her.

As in all good books and movies, romances aren’t always peaches and cream. Mr. Joseph puts compelling and thrilling events in to action that you wonder if the two will ever meet.

This read will keep your attention. The ending will leave you hanging wanting more. When you do reach the climax, you will be surprised.

A must read for Romantics: