Monday, September 15, 2014

A Novel Obsession

A Novel Obsession

Written by Jeff Joseph

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

We have all been obsessed with something in our lives, but I hope not with a person. In Jeff Joseph’s A Novel Obsession, you will be surprised with who is obsessed with whom.

Abby, the main character, has a crush on Daniel, who is a world renowned romance writer. She sends a fan letter to him inviting him to speak at her school.

The letter was so overwhelming to Daniel that he had to meet her. It conveyed to him the woman, who wrote it, was so insightful into why he wrote what he wrote. He wanted to know her.

As in all good books and movies, romances aren’t always peaches and cream. Mr. Joseph puts compelling and thrilling events in to action that you wonder if the two will ever meet.

This read will keep your attention. The ending will leave you hanging wanting more. When you do reach the climax, you will be surprised.

A must read for Romantics:

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