Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bing Cherries

Bing Cherries

This is a fruit that I like. Where my earlier post went – only Bubblews.com knows?  I was eating the cherries when I lost the post. I think; and I didn’t save.

Back to Bing Cherries: I eat the Bing Cherries fruit and roll the pit in my mouth while drinking water – over and over. I enjoy this very much. When I consume this fruit, I do it very sparingly because they are expensive.

We get most of our cherries here in Florida from the other fruit state California. Florida grows oranges, which I don’t like much because of the acid content.

When cherries are put in pies or tarts, they use the can processed kind. This is why I don’t like cherry pies or tarts. I have tried many. I love the natural fruit unprocessed with whatever. They are more expensive, but more enjoyable.

However, Bing Cherries Jubilee over vanilla ice cream is my favorite desert.

What is yours?   

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