Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Can You Buy Love?

Can You Buy Love?

From personal experience, I have tried and it does not work. It did not work because the woman was a gold digger, a person who goes out with someone for their money and I was naively in love. Do not get caught in that situation.

In the young adult romance/comedy movie ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ a young man (Played by Patrick Dempsey) looks from outside into a world he thinks wants to be. He is in love with a young woman (Played by Amanda Peterson) who is in that click which is popular. He wants to be popular.

She has a monetary problem and he resolves it, asking in return her help in making him popular with that click. She does with reservations and gets to know the real young man by dating him, falling for him.

A break up, a fight, and a misunderstanding follow what would be called a good relation. This propels the movie forward to an ending that young people love.

I enjoyed the fun, conflict, and make up. Can’t Buy Me Love is a nice film to watch.

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