Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coming To America, a #review

Coming To America (Film)

It’s seems everyone I knew in the foreign countries I lived in, wanted to come to America. However, not many but some, come to American to marry another person with the goal of becoming an American citizen.

In this movie there is a different plot, where Eddie Murphy’s character Akeem comes to America to find his bride. He does this not to get a VISA but to find a Queen in Queens’ New York City.

Unbeknown to the lady from Queens, Lisa McDowell (Actress Sheri Headley,) whose father owns McDowell’s, a hamburger joint, that Akeem is a prince who works for her father. She falls in love with him for who he is and he for who she is her. This love affair is cut short.

Akeem’s servant, Semmi played by Arsenio Hall, sends a Western Union message to the King of Zamunda that they are out of money. The king arrives to bring his son back home and finds out about the affair.

The comical ups and downs of this movie will keep your attention. You will hope all will be alright for the love birds. The king wants a break up.

The next to last scene goes like this: King Jaffe remarks that Akeem can't marry Lisa anyway because of "tradition," and tries defending himself by saying "Who am I to change it?" with Queen Aeoleon curtly responding, "I thought you were the King."

You can guess the ending. Murphy and Hall also play the parts of a barber shop three all. 

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