Tuesday, September 23, 2014

El Yunque

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

Travel by Author Roy Murry

They say the rain lies mainly on the plain in Spain, but others say that if you want to see beauty and see what much rain produces, go to El Yunque, the rain forest, in the middle of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It’s a shorter trip, you don’t need a passport, and most our Puerto Rican friends speak English.

If you go to this lovely island and stay on the beaches, you will have missed one of the many gorgeous vistas that nature has provided for us to enjoy. It’s a day trip if you are staying in a San Juan hotel. However, it’s better to stay at a close by hotel and stay for two days or more of your trip at one of these establishments: http://bit.ly/Zc8t7m

Then take your day trip to the old city of San Juan and have lunch at the famous restaurant Siglo XX http://sigloxxpr.com/ and have Seafood Paella that will tell your friends what the missed. Walk off that meal whether breakfast or lunch by seeing the sights which includes Castillo de San Cristobal built in 1783.

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