Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Google It?

Google It?

Written by Author Roy Murry

I’ll preface this with the fact that I’m 66 years old.

We come to the 21st Century. I remember when we decided an argument like – who kick the 1955 field goal to win X American Football game? - By asking someone in the know. If that person wasn’t available, we’d find a World Almanac. My last one purchased is the 2010.

In the local pub, club, living room with friends or any place people meet, discussions can get heated over a question like – who won the MVP in any sport in X year.  One person would say one name and another would disagree.

Who has the right answer? And we would ask another person or if it was available, consult The World Almanac.

Yesterday, I was in a bar and the question arose – who portrayed the brother of Maureen O’Hara in the movie The Quiet Man, an Irish tale of love and a family dispute over a dowry. One said Ward Bond and another person said Victor McLaglen.

Words were had. An argument pursed and bets were made.

“Google It!” was the cry. And the answer was googled…   


  1. ..what’s this review production factory called Roy Murry?..Three hits in one day!! LUV ‘EM... ‘liked’ all of them, that man :) cheers :)

    1. Thanks Seumas, I am just making a name for myself. Cheers.