Sunday, September 28, 2014

It Could Happen To You (Film)

It Could Happen To You (Film)

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

If you’re a romantic, this movie is for you. I saw it for the third time today on what we call Netflix in the USA. I give in; I’m a romantic.

A young Nicolas Cage plays a NYC police officer named Charlie. Bridget Fonda, of that famous family, plays Yvonne a waitress.

Charlie and his police partner are in a hurry, after ordering coffee in a small diner in Queens, where Yvonne is his waitress. He can pay the two dollars owed for the drinks, but doesn’t have tip money.

He makes a deal with her. He will come back tomorrow double the tip or give her half of his lottery winnings. She smiles and says that it was okay, because I most likely will not see you again.

The obvious happens, maybe for me I saw the movie three times, and Charlie and his wife win the lotto for four million dollars. This is where the movie really begins.

Greed and generosity collides; love and hatred seep in; and legalities bring about human conflicts. Will the righteous overcome? Not all the time.

Charlie and Yvonne are pushed into love and the legal limits by Charlie’s greedy wife Muriel, who wins her case in court, getting the four million lotto money for herself. But greed pays its price.

You’ll have to get the movie to learn what happens. Make certain you have Kleenex available.

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