Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kiss the Girls, Book vs Movie

Kiss the Girls, Book vs. Movie

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

James Paterson’s novel Kiss the Girls and the movie with Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are both compelling portraits of suspense. The second in Paterson’s Alex Cross novel was published in 1975 and came alive as a DVD movie in 2013. I watched, again, on TV.

Judd’s character Kate is abducted in the second scene, and because of her fortitude and abilities, she fights her jailer, who calls himself Casanova and dramatically gets away from his clutches. Alex Cross, whose niece is in Casanova’s prison, meets Kate in her hospital bed.

Cross, a police detective, and psychologist is in town looking for his niece who was also abducted. All those abducted are accomplished women. Alex and Kate join together to bring the girls home. How they attempt to do this is a fantastic, thrilling episode of a movie.

The movie, however, cannot compare with the Patterson’s novel. The movie was well directed, the scenes well-coordinated by director Gary Felder, and the acting was overwhelming. I love the written word. What can I say? I am a writer and prejudice.

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