Thursday, September 25, 2014

VAMPIRES, are they real?

VAMPIRES, are they real?

By Author Roy Murry

I do not believe in Vampires. However, I am reading my second novel which uses them as an important part of the plot. Breathless by Scott Prussing is that novel. I will have a review in one or two days.

A mystic around Vampires started when that undead shell of a human was introduced in the 1800s.  Sophisticated superstition propelled them into the limelight when John Polidori, an English author, wrote The Vampyre in 1819, the first published modern work of its kind.

I must say that what I have read about them has been convincing. The genre has been fortified over the years by professional sources, as they call themselves.
If you are into that genre, my review comes out in two days. It is Some Interesting Stuff.

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