Thursday, October 2, 2014

Review of The Law Man

The Law Man

Written by Vonda Norwood

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

If you are looking for Erotic stimulation, I recommend any of Vonda Norwood’s novels or short stories: Indie Authors Make Better Lovers, Playing the Coach, and others. She has a knack for putting you in the middle of the action when she writes.

In The Law Man, a young college student, Mary Evans is looking for someone to control her daily sexual life. A little domination is what she would like. The explicit way that Ms. Norwood conveys this to the reader may or may not shock you.

For me it was entertainment, reminding me of when I was young and uneducated sexually. Mary is a student who has learned her lessons from her dominating professor behind closed doors of his classroom to explosive heights.

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