Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review of Disappeared

Disappeared:  MANTEQUERO
Written by Jenny Twist

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Can love or the lack of it, kill you? In Ms. Twist’s short novel, where a person disappears on vacation, many levels of love are deviled into. The love of friends, relatives, and an unknown Vampire type character are brought into the light.

An English teacher has not returned from her vacation in Spain. Her adoring cohort is surprised she has not returned and is flustered over the matter. It seems that no one else is concerned other than that missing teacher’s niece and the travel agent who sold her the ticket.

Alison, the protagonist, inquires getting no answers. She and the overweight travel agent, Heather, decided to do something about the disappearance of their friend June. After some investigation, they go to Spain together on holiday.

Alison, who speaks Spanish, and Heather, who has a European driver’s license, arrived in the town where June had stayed. What seems like a pleasant place turns into a Frankenstein event after they go to a local bar.

Infatuation leads one our vacationers into an unsafe situation. The unraveling of it changes their lives forever.

The reading was easy and not overburden with subplots. The story is a quick, entertaining read for a rainy or wintery afternoon.

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  1. Thanks, Roy. What a lovely review! You've made my day. xx