Monday, March 30, 2015

Review of Blogger's Guide

Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing

Blogged by Seumas Gallacher

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

I had absolutely nothing to do this afternoon, so I looked into my Kindle’s library for something to read. I have read and reviewed two of Seumas’ books (Vengeance Wears Black and Savage Payback) on this very blog.

I noticed The Blogger’s Guide…and thought what the hell. I got Absolutely Nothing to Do. I clicked onto the opening page and didn’t put the Kindle down until the end of this fun-filled comic relief from my daily chores as a writer, blogger, and now Social Media Director of American Indian Veterans Memorial, Inc.

I was entertained from beginning to the end. His Books I reviewed are thrillers that kept my attention. In these blog posts, his humor kept me laughing click after click of the forward arrow.

His knowledge of blogging and Indie authorship shed some new light on my knowledge of self-publishing, which I may try with my third novel Homeless in Homestead. I haven’t enjoyed my experiences with two Independent Publishers.

For those newbie writers out there, Seumas’ fun words of blogging wisdom maybe what you are looking for in helping your career. At least you’ll be laughing your afternoon away as I did today.

Check Seumas out:

Note: Guide is not available. on Amazon. Ask Seumas and you'll receive or just read his blog.


  1. It’s not in print, but it is on Amazon Kindle, Roy... thanks for the positive review, my friend...all the best,,,:)

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