Monday, April 27, 2015

Non Review of Trash

Book not finished.

I read a book last week which was probably the 162 book I have read for review.

I will not name the author of or the title of the novel. If I did name names and review this manuscript, it would be all negative.

Either the author did not get the proper training or was put on the wrong track by uninformed advisers.

I completed the story of a woman who slept with the milkman for dairy products she could not afford. She slept with a teenage gardener because she loved his body and didn’t have the money to pay him. And she had sex with the FedEx man to get her free deliveries.

Then she fell in love with a police officer because he was attentive but continued he sex ventures with her debtors. Apparently, this woman character and the female author are disturbed. The character, according to the author, had a tough life which led to her whore-ship.

You’ll never know the author or the title unless you have access to my Amazon purchases.

Sorry, there is no review this week, because what I read was trash.

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