Sunday, September 6, 2015

Review Of DCI Jones Casebook: Raymond Collins

The DCI Jones Casebook:
Raymond Collins

By Kerry J Donovan

This is a fast paced police story a la TV’s Law and Order without the Order. You see part of the crime; the chase is on; and then the criminal is abducted with some police blood lost.

The case is simple enough: a man, who has mother issues, kills a woman. In some ways, the young woman has some of his mother’s characteristics. The murder has psychological problems – he talks to his dead mother throughout his miss adventure.   

No frill, character driven thriller, moves along quickly to an obvious conclusion with a few surprises. It’s a good lead into a series because Mr. Donovan has developed his characters to the point that you want to know what will happen to them next.

Casebook: There will be new cases that the English police unit led by DCI Jones will investigate coming out. I’ll be looking for them to put on my Kindle.

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