Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review of Justified


By Carolyn Arnold

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

TV programs Castle and Law and Order SUV both have strong women as detectives, who solve murder crimes. In JUSTIFIED, Ms. Arnold detective Madison Knight is as tough as they come.

As the lead partner, she takes control of a murder scene with Terry, her male subordinate, whose character complements Knight’s decisive, intuitive personality.  Their combined intelligence comes into play, trying to solve the death of a manipulative woman, who has literally screwed the men and the businesses they owned.

The duo's personal lives are interwoven into their daily investigative chores. At times those encounters are humanly funny. Knight is a one hundred percent work-alcoholic –to get the job done before pleasure person, and Terry has a family, needing time to be with them; and he tries to bring out Madison’s soft side.

The crime has multiple suspects which complicate things time-wise. They seem to be moving in the right direction various times as to whodunit but are left hanging. With the combined initiative, Knight and Terry get the lead that helps them reach their goal.

How they do it, is good police work, which author Arnold does an excellent job of writing. I have read many whodunit novels and have watched endless movies/TV detective stories.

Therefore, as somewhat of a self-professed expert, I will state: Ms. Carolyn Arnold’s novel JUSTIFIED is one of the better examples of detective novels I have read in my fifty plus years of reading.

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