Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review of The Fencing Master's Daughter

The Fencing Master’s Daughter

Giselle Marks

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The 1800s, in Europe, the Napoleonic Wars dominated world attention, especially in London. History has told us that the English and the French always had problems getting together on many issues.

An interesting conspiracy highlights the "Backdrop" of Ms. Marks's interesting romance story between an Englishman and Frenchwoman. Both of these main characters have their history that complicates the situation.

Her beauty and his stature are woven into a conflict that preceded their traumatic meeting in the streets of London, which comes to the forefront later. Her history in France as a child and his present-day heritage conflicts are the dynamic forces driving this fast-paced adventure.

The colorful languages of both countries during the period are used in the appropriate places making the novel seemed plausible. The characters became flesh and blood, and you can feel their sentiments through Ms. Marks’ words.

I’ll be reading another of Giselle’s novels soon.  

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