Wednesday, August 10, 2016



Zee Monodee and Natalie G. Owens

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Vampires, wares, and all other combinations of same a is the backbone of this fast-paced novel that leans towards being a novella but is book one in a series. The characters are developed; and when you come to the end of this book’s story, the reader will care to know what will happen in their lives.

The power over the current world situation in the conflict between non-human factions is interesting and intriguing. The plot is well put together, leading to the validation of the unique mystic beings roaming the earth.

Vampires etc. are not my genre, but I found myself fascinated by the diversity of the paranormal character’s background, which seems unlikely but help the flow of the prose. Those who enjoy this genre will be pleased and continue reading the series.

I was just dabbling and enjoyed the diversion. Recommend for non-dabblers.

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