Friday, August 26, 2016

Review of Regenerate

Regenerate: A SGT Major Crane Thriller

Wendy Cartmell

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Police work can sometimes be very boring and tedious.  Ms. Cartmell’s story of SGT Major 

Crane’s detective police investigation comes alive and fills in the boring and tedious part with character development.

In this episode of Crane’s career, women and devotion to their man’s military existence are the centers of this novel. Also, there is a drug deal in the making.

The psychology, the hardships, and their love of two military wives’ stories are compelling and heartbreaking. Crane and the local police try to understand what is going on when one of the women leaves a bundle at the church's door.

Then other events move their primary drug deal investigation into a conundrum that slows down putting the dealers in jail. Those events are surprising and will keep the reader moving the pages.

The story is fast pace and gives the reader a good look into how the UK’s military functions on wives of soldiers. It is eye-opening and enjoyable read.


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