Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review of Forget Me Not.

Mark Kane Mysteries, 
Book 1


Reviewed by 
Author Roy Murry

Many mysteries I can somewhat see where the plot is going. Not so with Mr. Hemmings’ story about finding out if a person is who she says she is.

As the plot thickened, I got some clues, but they led me to the wrong conclusion. Mr. Hemmings kept me on my toes with Mark Kane’s investigation which leads to questionable conclusions.

Kane’s ability to get to the meaning of the matter at hand is by understanding how people are motivated. His mental processes of perception are used to get results. The author accomplished the task exceedingly.  

The main characters were well defined especially that of Mark Kane and his Lady Friday Lucy. These two understandably meshed together and charmingly offset each other's weaknesses. It will be interesting to see where their relationship will lead in the series.

I enjoyed the pace and banter of the prose and the serious of the matter at hand – the death of a person under interesting circumstances. I’ll be looking forward to reading another of John Hemming’s novels.

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