Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review of THE SECRET

Review of THE SECRET
by Danny Kemp

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

There are strange bedfellows in war. In The Secret's case, it's a prince and the ruler of Germany meeting before World War II. The results of their encounter start a private Royal event kept out of the public eye.  

Only a hand full of people knows the truth, which leads to criminal actions that fester. Influential people in the United Kingdom want the result of the need to go away into perpetuity. And this quest is put into the hands of a few.

This adventure, Mr. Kemp interwove a thrilling intergovernmental plot that leads to disaster for a few high-level intelligence and wealthy person. His prose keeps you on your toes to the end following a spy expert and a newbie muddle through events at hand.

All-in-all, the novel kept me involved and gave me a profound view understanding how the British 'Get about.' It may be the making of another James Bond, using the formable newbie.

It’s worth the read. Purchase:
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