Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review of Everyone's Crazy Except You and Me...

Everyone's Crazy Except
You and Me...And I'm Not So
Sure About You


Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

This book is enjoyable. Well, it depends if the subjects intoned within matters to you. LOL, Lionel, gotcha. Yes, the snippets of humor and personal banter are hilarious and short which the reader will love a la twenty-first century.

After reading a topic or issue stated, one can put the book down, think and mull over the item, read over, laugh again, and then move on, because of the length of each. From explaining important issues as 'Hate Crimes' to mundane 'Words Fail Me' and the subject of 'Big Foot,' you will be glued to the page.

It's fast pace and informative whether you are a Conservative or not. Lionel writes about themes we dealt with in the enjoyable time in our lives before 2008. I know he would communicate different motifs today after listening to his videos on Youtube.com of the political circus we are living through in 2016.

I hope he does put to pen and paper this era as he has his past. It would be just as funny or funnier. Can't wait, Mr. Author.

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