Sunday, November 13, 2016

Review of Sexiest Couple Alive


M. Clark aka Mary Ting

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Olivia and Nate have had a rollercoaster ride in their relationship. Both living in the cut-throat fashion world where people are glamorous, they try to find a way live in love.

But love doesn't come easy when people are playing with your life. Olivia is confronted by an ex-lover who won't let go. Nate believes he is in the wrong relationship. How their conflicts collide is the storyline.

You'll be biting nails waiting for the two together. When they do, it is not over.  It isn't over until it's over. If Nate goes forward with his heart physically, he may end up in jail.

Others roadblock their love affair. Only reading this Romantic, a bit sexual, will get the answer.

Again, Ms. Ting novel gave me a few enjoying nights reading this eBook. Purchase at

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