Sunday, December 25, 2016

Review of An Empty Tree

An Empty Tree
Blue Eyes, Book 1

Glenn Trust

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

On a daily basis, people are placed in compromising positions. However, a few lives go through dangerous ones. Sometimes in a matter of minutes, a person's life expires for unconjurable reasons.

Glenn Trust thriller starts off with a murder and a kidnapping of a woman whose Blue Eyes enchants her abductor. He cannot understand why she is so complacent with the situation to the point of her helping him commit another crime.

Innocent lives die as the State Troopers try to bring in the criminal and the person with the Blue Eyes, who has her sinister history. At the end of the road, so to speak, each will go their way.

Mr. Trust does an excellent job of identifying each character devoting short chapters for each as he has them converge into the final one. Blue Eyes history he exposes in the final. It will surprise the reader, and you will want to know more about her.

If you like thrillers, An Empty Tree is one to read.

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