Saturday, December 10, 2016

Review of The Unholy

The Unholy
     A Novel

Paul DeBlassie III

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The religions of this world have been in conflict from the beginning of time. God of one is not always the god of another. In The Unholy, spiritual presence is understood on different levels.

Dictates and lies are used by a dominant church leader to control his flock comes in conflict with a young therapist's beliefs, who was traumatized as a child. Claire and the cleric have a disturbing connection other than their dispute over what theology to follow in getting to a heaven.

The dark side of man's reach into the unknown is one of the themes that control the background of a story that will put chills running down your spine while reading a familiar tale - Power in one man's hands leads to a disturbing and an unholy ending.

Mr. DeBlassie's prose keeps you interested in a dynamic twist on human relationships that are clouded by their belief systems. His characters are well defined and collide into an unexpected ending.

I will be reading another of Paul's novels in the future.

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