Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review of The Creature from Jekyll Island

The Creature from Jekyll Island

G. Edward Griffin

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

This horrific story about the history of the United States of America’s and the World’s financial institutions involvement in war and manipulation of the wealth’s of nations is incredibly poignant. Everyone, who cares about the future of the world, must read this interpretation.

In a storytelling flow, Mr. Griffin details the birth of publicly owned central banks, of which The Federal Reserve is one. They produce/print money out of nothing, and all the politicos get their piece of the action at the inflationary cost to the rest of the public.

According to the author, using detailed footnotes, wars and nations have been manipulated by the elite money controllers at central banks granting loans on both sides of warring individuals and enabled dictators. These events have been hidden from the public, as news is being controlled today.

Without going into details, I am appalled how world leaders a la The Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, IMF, UN, and NATO, using Globalist goals, have controlled the futures of all countries. Griffin insists this has to stop, and I am inclined to agree.

If you care to know more of his endeavor to stop global politicians and monetarist rule over our lives, check out Freedom Force International

While reading this well written and supportive narrative, I can say that I have been enlightening about the political philosophies that are controlling our lives, and I am not happy about the world situation we are in. It’s where a few wealthy elite control how this planet will survive because they know best.

For a life-changing read, go to Amazon.

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