Sunday, October 22, 2017

Review of the negotiator

the negotiator


Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

A wealthy CEO of his family's company, Sawyer, and Clover, a beautiful looking traveler of the world who doesn't make commitments meet in an unusual set up which leads to a negotiation immediately. Every meeting of the two after becomes minuets - individual dances to know each other even though their newly written contract says otherwise.

As an employee, Clover has a peculiar position where her talents endear her to Sawyer. Although Clover is waiting for the completion of the contract to be free from her responsibility, her relationship with Sawyer gets complicated in a way neither of them expected.

So, they negotiate that sexual endeavor that moves from fun to a hot, complicated emotional joining of their minds and bodies. And, this becomes another negotiating point of no return.

Although she is not happy with the union from the beginning, Sawyer's mother is pushing him to do the right thing by marrying a woman of his pedigree who will get Sawyer out of his business shell. Meeting with Clover, she is amazed at how the young lady changed her son - to her pleasure.

Of course, this leads to another negotiation in this fun twisting novel Ms. Flynn has written. Sometimes sexually hot, this fast-paced story was enjoyable to read.


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