Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review of THE LAWYER

John Ellsworth

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The twist and turns in this legal thriller will have your head spinning. Michael Gresham, the series protagonist lawyer, defends a low life in a murder case with one judge on the bench and another, the victim's husband in the courtroom.

To top this off his brother, a well-known lawyer, is a missing person with an international problem which has involved Michael in a deadly incident. And the reader, to the conclusion of the novel, is trying to figure out who is attempting to kill who.

Attorney Gresham's brother appears with a show-stopping evidence to put Mexican corporate people away, costing them money and time.  This confrontation leads to murder, kidnapping, and an uphill battle that conflates with Michael's original case.

This novel is a well-written introduction to a series. The characters are well defined, the story-line leaves the readers with items they might care to follow, and the courtroom drama is compelling and should continue.

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