Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Review of BAD BLOODS

November Rain

Shannon A Thompson

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

I always loved the name Serena; and enjoyed the movie of the same name many times. In this Young Adult novel, the protagonist Serena is running away from commitment, whereas the other ran towards it.

A bit on the morbid side of life where the Bad Bloods, young adults, are outcasts because of their unique DNA. Their lives are in jeopardy unless the world accepts their being in a national election.

There are similar tribes, groups, which are in the same situation but do not meet on common ground to fight for their rights. This void is where Serena comes in accidentally.

Mysterious rendezvouses with another group's male member after running from the cops to save her life blends into an intrigue that will keep the reader interested.  However, the meetings become a little tedious but are needed to keep the story going.

Ms. Thompson's writing is simple to the point and easy to read. It is a good lead in the series, leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next in Serena's life.

In the movie Serena, there was a happy ending. This Serena's life is on shaky ground going forward.

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