Sunday, December 10, 2017


(A novel inspired by true crimes)

Lance & James MORCAN

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

A school of higher learning for the deaf is the background for this thriller that keeps the reader looking in the wrong direction for a house serial killer. When one person is murdered, an English police detective is brought in to evaluate the situation.

Before her team arrives to get the forensics, the United Kingdom, and the University she just walked into is quarantine because of a pandemic. The cold outside world, literally and figuratively, is militarily closed to the people inside and outside a six-story building that has four hundred plus people including detective Valerie Crowther.

Valerie is partially picked for the job because she knows British Sign Language and her being a no-nonsense crime solver. Moreover, this should have been a case easy to solve.

However, she is cut off from any external help needed to do proper police work confined in a building full of panicked student, faculty, and daytime workers. To top this off, another murder expires a second and then another.

The criminal is within the building. How hard can 'He or she' be found? The rollercoaster ride Valerie, her boss, the school's Chancellor and nurse go through in fighting a Monkey Flu and trying to figure out who's the killer at the same time is daunting.   

The MORCAN's writing kept me on the edge of my seat with an atypical and surprisingly gratifying ending which cleaned the slate for Valerie. Just the conclusion was worth the ride.

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