Sunday, January 14, 2018

Review of Chasing Justice

The Piper Anderson Series Book One


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Piper has a past and moves to a quiet town to get away from it. The center of the city is a dinner where everyone meets.

Here she meets a lovely lady and involves herself in something she can't handle at the moment: a man, a judge, and a family. All present problems Piper is not accustomed to, which is love, crime, and stability.

Piper Anderson's emotions and those of the people she confronts are the highlights of the story.  How she overcomes those depends on Betty, a family's linchpin, who grieves over the loss of her husband's death, a police officer and the way he die.

It all unravels after Piper, on a hunch, gets involved with the town's criminal syndicate poking around and following one man who she feels has a questionable sexual appetite. What she confronts could destroy her new-found family.

The twist and turns, the highs and lows of a love-hate relationship, and Piper's sensitiveness make for a rollercoaster reading ride. This novel is an excellent lead into a series.

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