Sunday, March 25, 2018

Review of the BEAUTY SHOP



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

As a Vietnam Veteran who has seen cohorts die from injuries, this novel rang true with the atrocities of war. This story is about the cruelty of burn patients in World War II and how one man helps changed their lives for the better.

B17s or flying fortress was the backbone of the Allied bombing effort against Germany. The men that flew in them and other planes had accidents that caused life-threatening burns.

The BEAUTY SHOP is the story of a burn victim, a lieutenant and his lady. How they met; how he ended up scared with burns; and how they each met the doctor of the beauty shop.

It is a love story intertwined with the horrors of war. This story is full of surprises and human reactions to the realities of war particularly that of how we treat our wounded veterans physically and psychologically.

At the time, they did not understand PTSD, as they do know. It plays a part when the lieutenant, after a burning episode returns to duty. The strength of his love becomes a significant factor in the ending of this well put together Chronicle of a man who cared for and operated on burned warriors.

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