Sunday, April 22, 2018

Review of A Gambler's Jury



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Dani Rollins has a client whom she believes is innocent because of his mental impairment. He cannot be a purveyor of drugs and pull off a deal.

The police arrest him in the act. How could this be? It had to be one of the other boys with him. Moreover, why does the District Attorney want and is trying her client as an adult when he is seventeen?

All the right questions to get answers to in this character-driven novel. Dani is a smart defense lawyer who pushes the envelope when it comes to judges and the prosecution.

They cannot see what she can. This kid does not have where all to have committed this crime. In court, she will prove it. However, can she?

All leads point to her client except the one no other person is seeing including Dani's private detective, who cares for her. Dani's family life is in the background of this quick read.

A Gambler's Jury is laid out in a way the reader may pick up the clues Dani and her detective missed up until the jury is in, which leads to an exciting ending. A good lead-in novel to a series.

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