Friday, June 29, 2018

Review of Six Easy Pockets

Six Easy Pockets

Cindy Blackburn

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Jessie is at it again in one of Blackburn's A Cue Ball Mysteries. She is snooping.

Receiving a telephone phone call on a landline from a wealthy friend who "Misplaced" his girlfriend, Jessie is distraught because the person misplaced is her 'Girlfriend' also. The mystery begins when she, the by day Romance writer, goes to the estate that is humongous, her words not mine.

Wilson, Jessie's hubby, does not get involved until her and another detective cannot come to grips with the missing person event, and the investigation becomes a deadly one. The large staff at the estate, family members, and Jessie's condo friends are included in the overall whodunit episodes.

The enjoyable way Ms. Blackburn brings her characters alive, including the villain, downplays the crime a bit but has the reader loving the main characters including the cats. Jessie, as in other Blackburn mysteries, ends up in the final act that is somewhat comical and deadly at the same time.

Will the villain come to justice? Only by reading this fun novel will you find out.

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