Sunday, August 26, 2018

Bleak Prospect Reviewed

A Sam Jenkins Mystery


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Wayne Zurl has done a fantastic job of bringing the police crimes stories of Prospect, a small town in Tennessee, USA, to the printed page. This mystery is the eight in his series. I have read many.

Each stand on its own with characters who are enjoyable. Sam, a spiffy sheriff who arrived from NYC police work to a lady Sargent that runs the day to day business of the office. Spontaneous, trenchant, and intelligent conversations enhance the legitimate police work they do daily.

In this story, a prostitute is found dead inside town limits. However, the County has a serial killer roaming, and the case becomes a County matter. Sam following his instincts moves in the right directions apart from a Task Force.

The twist and turns lead him to an unlikely source for the County murders. Also, there is a riff in the Town's Council over the crime and other matters. The mayor gives Sam and his team terrible news.

Those events come to a head with an exciting conclusion the reader does not expect. This novel is another excellent, fast-paced mystery by an ex-cop. We will see what happens next hopefully.   


  1. Roy, Thanks agian for such a fine review. All the best to you and your fans...WZ

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