Sunday, August 5, 2018

Review of Fiji, A Novel

A Novel


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Fiji is an island adventure where the west meets natives that have little in common on the surface. Underneath the limited verbal communication, people are mostly the same when it comes to loyalty, friendship, and the fight against evil.

The Drakes (Rev. and his daughter) are missionaries and an industrious trader named Nathan arrive on a Fiji island where cannibals wait in the background. A group of them attacks the somewhat civilized natives which the westerners are coming to meet.

The visitors seem to have chewed more than what they bargained for when they decided to go to this particular island - Nathan to trade guns for a precious item and the Drakes to spread the word.

All placed in a battle for survival they want to get through fast.  A love story is a part of the struggle and a key to why Nathan does what he does, putting his life on the line for the good of the natives and Susannah.

The prose and the background are so enjoyable that the reader will feel the drums, follow the action, and feel for the natives with waiting eyes. It is a short read of a long narrative, well done.

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