Sunday, August 12, 2018

Review of Trouble and Strife

Trouble and Strife
Ian Dodge Mystery, Book 2

Judy Nichols

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Cool, calm, and collective is Ian with his English accent is at the sight of an accident in the making, as it seems. A wealthy customer of a friend’s suntan spa is found toasted in Room #3 and 911 is called. The mystery begins.

Relatives of the customer sue the friend's spa and Ian Dodge, a detective, is asked to find out the facts. With his new assistant Ruth, he goes about his business wooing everyone around him including the instigator of the events.

Complicated family ties are the motivator of the mystery which unravels smoothly as Ian investigates. There is death, and the reasoning is understandable but tragic.

This mystery keeps your attention because of the well-written character's dialog and their personas. It has a few exciting events that help too.

I'll go back for another of Ian's adventures in the future. 

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