Sunday, September 16, 2018

Review of Sam' Song

A Sam Smith Mystery


Review by Roy Murry, Author

Sam's Song is a character-driven mystery novel giving the reader a crime to solve, but more importantly a new crime investigator - Sam.  The reader gets a character with whom they can empathize. 

She is a young woman in a male-dominated world out there putting her arse on the line (Story is in England.) Her psychological makeup keeps her from reaching its potential.

However, Sam makes due with hard nose intuitive and cognitive abilities that head her in the right direction. She gets help from a police officer that leads to the possible killers' place.

When reaching that place, what happens next is a cliffhanger. The event culminates with the loss of an ex-husband her current nightmare, the freedom of her client, and a future she believes is unattainable.

Great writing, fast-paced, intriguing characters, and an enjoyable first book in a series that made me buy book two in the series right away. Moreover, I usually don't do that.

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