Thursday, October 18, 2018



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

As the world turns, there will always be OPPRESSION while religions rule part of it. Some have evolved for the better, but others are still medieval in nature when it comes to relationships of men and women.

OPPRESSION is about how some Muslims and Christians have yet to change concerning marriage - how women are treated. Two women, Layla a 16-year-old is forced to marry a 50-year-old man of the Muslim faith and Beth who finds herself in a marriage with a controlling man.

In this compelling story, the men are interchangeable and are somewhat a norm in strict religious sects. The women, however, are not.

Beth is English and lives in her home country where there are secular laws. Layla is forced to move from England to Egypt where religious laws out way ones that protect all humans - where men control the religion and a woman's destiny.

Beth and Layla's stories come together in an unusual way leading the reader into a drama, an adventure into a foreign land, and conflicts of how humans treat each other.  Using faiths that are interrupted literally, Ms. Noble's brings to light the cruelty of how they function – the good and the bad.

The novel moves through humanity's complicated relationships with clear-cut knowledge of the facts and the norms.  Beth and Layla live a journey no woman should experience.

Reading this novel helped me understand the world a little better.

Congratulations to Ms. Noble for bringing it to light in an enjoyable read. 

Well done.

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