Sunday, November 4, 2018

Review of ON THE HOOK

On the Hook
Smith and Westen Mysteries
Book 1

Cindy Davis

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

This mystery was a fun book to read, because of the characters investigative abilities which were nil, according to their interpretation. Smith and Westen are engaged to find a missing Picasso because of a friend's position as an insurance underwriter when the painting got stolen.

Each of the women has their problems and need the finder's fee, so they proceed to do due diligence in their quest. That search leads to some enjoyable confrontations, by interviewing the people involved in the action that brought about the theft.

The two detective ladies ask the right questions, but it is their ingenuity and visual perception that lead them in the right direction. Their combined talents would make Sherlock smile - they think out of the box and outsmart professionals in the task at hand.

I enjoyed the banter amongst the two and the prose of the author.

I'll be back sometime to see if Smith and Westen will shoot straight again with little bloodshed. 

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