Sunday, January 27, 2019

Review of Flavia's Secret



Review by Roy Murry, Author

Flavia is a young Celtic slave during a time when Rome ruled the world, 204 AD. Her master is a Lady who dies of strange circumstances and a Roman male, Marcus, comes from Rome to rule the house.

Beauty and intelligent, the Roman desires her, which presents many problems. Flavia and Marcus mentally entangle, and their words conflict with their desires, but life 'moves on' in a city on the sight of hot springs in what is now England.

An intriguing subplot interferes with the relation leaving doubts in both their minds of each other's true feelings. Both have hurdles of faith to overcome to reach an amicable ending.

Flavia's confrontation with the Roman mayor of the city in the City's Bath brings everything to a head which the reader of Romantic novels will enjoy to the end of this well-written novel.

I read a few of Ms. Townsend's novels, and I can say she has never disappointed me with her writing. She brings the pass into her endeavors which I love.

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