Sunday, March 10, 2019




Review by Roy Murry, Author

Before internet search for a mate, there was the meeting someone at an event to decide whether you cared to date that person. In 1811, families of a class met and decided who would be good together and they mated.

Alison Lamont, an eighteen-year-old is sent to Edinburgh, Scotland from the country to mate with one of her classes. During this adventure, she met a man who was below her class and fell in love.

This love affair presented many problems, and she runs away, close by, with the man's help. However, was it help he was providing?

She goes on a merry-go-round with many exciting results. Will she be able to grab the golden ring and be with her love?

Alison's romantic chance turns into an experience she'll never forget nor will her family. Will she move down in the class structure for love?

This romance is an easy and pleasant read with fun story twists and turns including a sea adventure.

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