Thursday, March 14, 2019


A State of Becoming


Review by Roy Murry, Author

Closed or open borders on the southern frontier of the USA is the central question of Mr. Hanson's thesis. He gives the reader the full spectrum of pros and cons to contemplate in his description of the state of California the way he sees it as a native farmer and professor of history.

The complexities of the Mexican illegal immigration that California seems to be the epicenter may spread across the country if the governments on each side of the divide do not pay attention to the reasons for that migration. The movements of that migration must be either stopped or opened is the question the USA Congress and the American people must decide - walls or no walls.

MEXIFORNIA is a piece of excellent background information as to what has happened since the 1970s to the present situation. Latins, illegal or not, are the backbone of the farming industry in that state.

According to the author, his and thousands of Californians’ lives have changed with the constant flow of young migrants replacing older ones, working on farms and hard labor.  Many of them have not acquired the ability to assimilate to become citizens or speak the English language.

This situation has changed the economic landscape, much for the worst, and could spread throughout the USA.

If the USA immigration at our Southern border is of interest to you, MEXIFORNIA is an intelligent read to start your quest of understanding illegal immigration.

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